About the Book


Heaven’s Magic Bubble Machine introduces Tommy and Milo, his dog. They miss his Grandma Betty, who has gone to heaven. Tommy misses her loving hugs. Milo misses when she would go to the park to watch him play with Tommy. Miss Ellie, a kind neighbor, tells them a secret about grandmas—a magical secret.

T.L. Yuki, known affectionately as Granny T, takes children into the lives of Tommy and Milo. She tells her story with words and pictures. As Tommy and Milo become better acquainted with Miss Ellie, they draw closer to that secret. One day she explains to Tommy, “‘Grandmas in Heaven have a special love and can magically send hugs and kisses down to their grandchildren. Do you ever wake up in the morning with rosy colored cheeks?’ asked Miss Ellie.

“‘Yes I do!’ Tommy told her.

“‘That is because of the magic love of Grandmas,’ said Miss Ellie. ‘The reason your cheeks are rosy is because your Grandma floats down magic bubbles with hugs and kisses in them while you are sleeping.’”

As you turn the pages of Heaven’s Magic Bubble Machine, you will discover the truth about magic and bubbles with hugs and kisses and grandmas with love for their grandchildren.